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Rumma & Ko

Rumma & Ko provides free custom database solutions for small and medium-sized organizations using the Lino framework.

Our services include

  • analysis -- we help you to formulate what you want
  • hosting -- we offer different hosting formulas depending on your needs
  • development -- we write the application you need, we install your Lino to your server and import your legacy data
  • maintenance -- we help you to optimize your work and apply upgrades when you want them
  • hotline -- we answer your questions about Lino
  • training -- we write end-user documentation and organize trainings

You want our services if

  • you need a database application and can't find any satisfying stock solution
  • you don't expect a finished product and want to help with analysis and testing
  • you want a stable and long-term solution
  • you want to remain the master of your data even if our collaboration comes to an end
  • you want the software created by our common efforts to be shared with others as open source software under a free license.